Engine I/O Modules

AE-220 General Purpose I/O Module
AE-120 Engine Control Interface I/O Module

AE-220 General Purpose I/O Module

Our AE-220 general purpose I/O module is an optional add-on CANbus J1939 controller for applications requiring more complex monitoring and control of the engine and equipment functions. This I/O module connects to the CANbus J1939 network via our plug and play M12A cables and includes separate high power and ground pins for providing power to sensors, valves, actuators, etc. The AE-220 can support high level devices such as tachometer, quadrature encoders, differential pressure senders, pressure transducers, flow meters, actuators, and PWM Valves. The AE-220 CNC machined aluminum sealed housing drops into panel mount opening. Since the AE-220 is CANbus based the device digital outputs signals can be activated from the SD-105 display function keypad or our optional KP series keypads.

• General purpose I/O module adds additional capabilities to the standard I/O configured display when applications require more complex monitoring and control.
• The AE-220 has two CANbus J1939 ports and easily connects to the CAN network via our M12A plug and play cables.
• Can be configured to control DC powered linear actuators or electric motors.
• Module supports:
o Up to 8x digital pins. Each digital pin can be configured as an input or a 1A power output. A custom hardware stuffing option is available for applications needing up to 7A on each pin.
o Up to 2x analog pins (4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-30V)
• Heavy-duty weather-proof design utilizes high quality sealed connectors.
• Modular design allows the AE-220 to be installed near sensors, actuators, hydraulic valves etc. which helps simplify wiring and can also reduce electrical interference.

AE-120 Engine Control Interface I/O Module

Typically the engine control function is embedded in the main controller. DFX designed our unique system so that the engine I/O module and display HMI are separate devices connected by a standard M12A cable. This smart concept keeps the high-power requirements at the engine where the power is needed with a standardized short engine interface harness. This concept eliminates having expensive extension or custom engine harnesses.
The AE-120 is a microprocessor controlled I/O module that mounts at the engine and controls ECU power, starter motor, alternator excitation and ignition accessory power. The AE-120 is also equipped with 3 inputs which can be configured for most fuel level sensors, auxiliary shutdown inputs or even as analog inputs for custom sensor requirements. Each AE-120 is equipped with a M12A connector that allows the use of our low cost CANbus J1939 extension cables with over molded IP67 connectors which can be extended up to 100 feet away from the engine.

AE-120 Advantages
• Heavy-duty sealed I/O module housed inside a CNC machined aluminum housing
• Controller mounts at the engine keeping the high power at the engine where the power is needed
• Simplifies the wiring by standardizing the engine wire harness to a simple design that can meet most applications
• Simplified the panel wiring using a single M12A CANbus J1939 cable easily modified to the desired length
• 4 high-power solid-state outputs
• 3 digital or analog inputs
• Built in starter motor and over crack protection
• Can be configured with an engine pre-start alarm