Dfx Technologies LLC is an innovative manufacturer of 12/24VDC powered solid-state micro-controller electronics. Our heavy-duty I/O modules are designed to withstand high vibration and harsh environments, fluctuating battery voltages which makes our products ideal for mobile equipment or, automotive aftermarket. These micro-controllers have the power of an industrial PLC without the headache of having to write your own software.

Our products are unique in that our micro-controllers and software can be customized to a specific application.  When you choose Dfx Technologies LLC, your company gains access to a product specialist who will review the application then recommend the ideal product series. Once a specification has been established, one of our software engineers will develop custom software specific to your application. This turnkey capability eliminates costly software development tools and/or in-house engineering resources.  Over the years, we have collected an extensive library of software code which often eliminates NRE development cost. Depending on the complexity of the project, typical lead time for new software products is 5 to 7 working days. 

Dfx products are proudly manufactured in the USA using automated SMT pick and place machines, giving us the ability to manufacture cost effective quick turn prototypes as well as high volume production runs. Each module is function tested and serialized to ensure the highest quality possible. 

Our company’s mission is to listen to the customer and then provide custom cost effective solutions around the application while maintaining high quality standards and performance.