• SS8 Solid-State IO Controller
• SS1 Solid-State Relays
• SS2 Solid-State Relays
• SSHB 1x H-Bridge Module


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Our company’s mission is to listen to the customer and then provide custom cost effective solutions around the application while maintaining high quality standards and performance.

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This tool enables customers to configure their own SS1 module via an ecommerce website using simple drop down menu system.


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Solid-State I/O Modules and Controllers for OEMs and Off-Highway Applications

 Dfx Technologies,LLC is an innovative manufacturer of 12/24VDC powered solid-state micro-controller electronics. Our heavy-duty I/O modules are designed to withstand high vibration and harsh environments, fluctuating battery voltages which makes our products ideal for mobile equipment or, automotive aftermarket. These micro-controllers have the power of an industrial PLC without the headache of having to write your own software.